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Vegan Party II

I attended for the 2nd. Time our Vegan Meeting.

The participants were the same as last Meeting: Jiujitsu Expert Taku kun, K kun, who is shy, and myself.

I was told we would start at Tokyo station’s T’s Tantan, the first time we were at Shabuzen in Shibuya,

and this time we headed to MOMINOKI HOUSE in Harajuku, a House operating since 1976

I heard that Stevie Wonder and David Bowie have also visited this place.

Toast with Champagne! It looks like, right? But it’s a Japanese Sake made of unpolished, natural cultivated Rice.

The shop in this place also handles meat, but it has also a vegan menu.

The topics of conversation were nature and food.

Organic, JAS approved pesticides, the abolition of the Seed Laws, Cattle feeding and farmed raised Fish…

The laws that protect food safety tend to become more and more for some companies, not for the general public. They become somewhat slack where people does not notice unless it stops. For example, the restriction of agricultural chemicals is eased through intervention of the pesticide companies…

From now on, it may be an era, in which individuals have to choose carefully.

Taku kun, who lives in Chiba Prefecture taught me this, but Kisarazu City seems to be moving towards becoming an "Organic City", by the Mayor's encouragement.

When I asked, the municipality where I live the following question: “Why don’t you ban agricultural chemicals from School-Lunches, and in this way increase the number of non-pesticide farmers, the local production and local consumption?” it was immediately dismissed as: "it is difficult, from the viewpoint of a stable supply”.

Well, it will be so.

Even though is difficult to change "completely", I think it is possible to raise the ratio if there is motivation, even if it is little by little.

And, will the commercial cultivation of genetically modified crops be starting? Will it not start? (Test cultivation has already been done). If it starts, will the seeds of gen manipulated vegetables be blown by the wind into our fields?

Seed contamination and seed control cannot be stopped at the entrance, and it is too late to say you want to stop as much as possible. I think, it is a difficult part because a lot of things are changed one after another only by a few people, and the law and important information are chaotic.

Still, I will try to do what I can, in the same spirit as in Mr. Isao Noguchi's Words:

“I also sow HOPE until the day of despair “


Hayato Uchiyama

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