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FAN LETTER Delivery Service.

If you could send WORLD ORDER a Message, what would you tell them?

Dear All

You have again the Opportunity to show your Love for our Favorite Group!

Our Fellow Fan Takao san is offering you a:

★Fan Letter Delivery Service to WORLD ORDER ★

“ I will deliver your fan letter to WO members at the Summer LIVE Show venue on your behalf.

This is the chance to show your love and support to WO “


-The letters will be deposited in the Present & Letter Box, at the Venue during the 'SINGULARITY' LIVE Shows in August.

-Letter should be written in Japanese, English or any other languages. (It doesn't matter if they can read it or not. Show your love for them in your way!!)

-Place your letter into an envelope. (Use DL size envelope [110x220mm] or smaller) for your Fan letter.

-Write the name of the Member (or simply “WORLD ORDER”) on the envelope.

-Put the fan letter envelope into another bigger envelope (Use C4 size envelope or smaller) for shipping, and send it to following ADDRESS

Ms. M.Takao

1-10-10-205 Nanba-naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka

556-0011 JAPAN


-The letter must arrive by AUGUST 4, 2017.

-Please make sure to write correct Name and Address.

-Please note that if the mail service loses your letter, I can't take responsibility for that.


-Feel free to ask any questions to the email address above.

-This service has nothing to do with WORLD ORDER or IDEALISM Inc.


People! Don't miss this Chance just made Possible

through the cooperation and help of our Fellow Japanese Fans!!

Show WORLD ORDER your Support, even if you cannot attend the Shows!

Don’t hesitate and send our Boys your Love!

Thank you very much, as always, for your support!


Ani J

(Website Admin.)

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