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FAN LETTER Delivery Service.

If you could send WORLD ORDER a Message, what would you tell them?

Dear All

You have again the Opportunity to show your Love for our Favorite Group!

Our Fellow Fan Takao san is offering you a:

★Fan Letter Delivery Service to WORLD ORDER ★

“ I will deliver your fan letter to WO members at the Summer LIVE Show venue on your behalf.

This is the chance to show your love and support to WO “


-The letters will be deposited in the Present & Letter Box, at the Venue during the 'SINGULARITY' LIVE Shows in August.

-Letter should be written in Japanese, English or any other languages. (It doesn't matter if they can read it or not. Show your love for them in your way!!)

-Place your letter into an envelope. (Use DL size envelope [110x220mm] or smaller) for your Fan letter.

-Write the name of the Member (or simply “WORLD ORDER”) on the envelope.