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Sweat... and a trip to China

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”

During the last half of last week,

I went to Hangzhou, China, for work.

The state of Hangzhou has the same humidity as Japan

And it was hot every day...Thanks to the whole warm staff,

we had again a wonderful experience,

and we had the privilege to feel a new Scenery.

For the wonderful time, Thank you very much.

In Japan, the situation was serious due to the strong rain.

What was going on? Are you all OK?

Well, this week the skies should be calm.

Or so I hope…


(184th day of 2017)

Last Night, I couldn’t sleep well…

I easily fell asleep, but was easily waking up again…

At the start of the Monday, the forecast predicts 35° C

Hot… Again, we will start living the days of daily sweating…

Everybody: is a new Week,

Don’t be defeated by the hot, damp, sweaty weather

Let’s live!!


(185th day of 2017)

A Typhoon has reached Japan,

it was in the News since the Morning.

Here, the skies were still cloudy; when I finished work, as I got off the Train, also scattered rain…

by the time I reached my neighborhood, heavy rainfall…

and because I forgot my Umbrella,

I got, of course, wet to the bone…

I wonder if the typhoon will reach the Kanto area tonight ...

However, today it is scorching hot in Tokyo… Sweat just would not stop…

it was such a day.


(186th day of 2017)

Today, we have a nice weather day.

It is very cloudy and again,

an awfully, scorching hot day.

I played with Ryosuke, for about 30 Min. Badmington and Basketball,

we were both bathed in sweat,

Ryosuke was pointlessly, running around, and merrily sweating.

The Queen was so sweaty that she didn’t move...

This heat outside is so strong


(187th day of 2017)

I woke up at 3:00 am this morning with pain in my left eye, so I applied eye drops…. But because the eye drops stung, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided to watch the tennis game on TV. The game was exciting, making me wide awake, so I stayed up all night…