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It's hot! II

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”




oooooooooooooooooootttttt (> д < |||)゛

It’s Hot in Japan

Well, I wonder who might be in the Portrait this week?...


(191st day of 2017)

Good weather Monday;

Yesterday when I got home before I knew, I fell asleep...

The room was scorching hot like a sauna when I came home

The walls, the ground, the ceiling, were hot. I had to just stay still for a while... It is hot... today it is again an over 30 ° C hot Monday

Wondering if the hot days will continue this week...


(192nd day of 2017)

Today again, hot, blue sky, nice weather. I wonder if the rainy season will open soon...

In various places, sudden rain, with record heavy rainfalls

Leaving damage in a big extent…

A Natsushima Squall is happening in town, I wonder how it feels like…

The Summer is getting hotter than it used to be

Or so I feel.

Everyone, really, beware of heat-strokes



(193rd day of 2017)

This morning it’s hot too, but the wind blows from time to time.

Pleasant morning,

at the time I left, Stepping in the entrance, I bumped into the Wasps… Sorry

Worker bees coming from that nest

Today, it was also hot in Shibuya, however there was some shade,

so it was somehow refreshing.

Today, I bought again a lot of bread and went home.


(194th day of 2017)

Since the morning, the Song by Jon Anderson × Kitaro [Island of Life], Main Theme of the Movie, ’15 Pretty girls drifting’, has been floating in my mind…


Around my Jr. High-School Time,

first time with friends,

second time, went alone to see the work in the cinema

I was deeply impressed, envious

of such a great adventure... the feelings of a Jr. High-School Boy.

And Jon Anderson San's singing voice is also nice.

So, for some reason, this morning,

I woke up with this song stuck in my head...

Incidentally, right after I was back in Japan I discovered a Stage Music Performance of it on YouTube.

Recalling 1992,

somehow it brings warm feelings...

After that, Fumi-chan, Ma-chan, Shin-chan and A-chan,

a group of 4 Third-Year boys,