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Summer and Friendship

I The rainy season has over in Kanto at last. Full-Blown Summer has come.

Don't you get Summer heat, although hot days have continued?

Then, I went out the other day, for the first time in a while, on a bullet trip.

Me, who is not good at deciding a schedule beforehand, often go out suddenly...

Ahh, I just want to say "bullet". I went out for a trip where destination was not decided, with my friend.

We met after a long time so talked about a lot of things, such as present situation, work and future each other.

And we had a lively conversation, so could enjoy youth, as two young men, playing with fireworks in the middle of the hot weather.!

The tradition of Summer.

Memories of Summer.

One pages of Summer.

Men Friendship is priceless.

I was able to get refreshed myself so much after a long time.

Summer has just begun.

Please enjoy your Summer taking care of Summer heat and heatstroke.


Masato Ochiai

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Kindly Translated by: Ayumi (Thanks a lot!)

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