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Another hot week...

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING!! \(゜◇゜●)”

Well this week's question is ... who is it??!

Hint: (~ man) Ironman ?? It’s not…

This was a hot week too...


(205th day of 2017)

Aaah… the breeze is blowing nicely today It felt good… and I was cheerful

After getting off the bus and walking on the way, I eventually got all sweaty... I met just a Cat

I pretended not to see and passed by

It was staring in my direction for a while. When I quickly turned my gaze, he kept staring fixedly…

It's windy today and there's a lot of shade. The Cat also feels the wind and take a walk ...

People, Dogs, Cats, don’t lose to the Heat!


(206th day of 2017)

Kliing, kling, kling,

I hear the sound of Wind Chimes

I wonder if there’s a little wind...

Today there was rain forecast, but somehow there are many clouds

With clouds and the hot air trapped in the city,iIt was humid and hot. Then,

I got from Amazon, one day before Release, the Blu-Ray of [Your Name] that I’d Pre-Ordered

To get it, made me kind of Happy

I saw it twice on a plane, and because the screen at home is a little bigger,

I wonder if I can watch it with a different feeling ...


(207th day of 2017)

Aaaaah… it’s raining…

It will rain just during daytime, according to the forecast

Here, this morning

It’s raining like Mist

Temperatures also went a bit down and it’s cooler

the Air-Con in the bus and train

feels freezing cold…

(゜ロ゜○;)” Bwaaaa!

It's been raining a lot in Shibuya...

Even without umbrella, faces look like doing OK. Still… I got all soaked wet…

I thought it would dry up by the way home… Wearing somehow disgusting feeling clothes

On the way home, the people of the studio lent me an umbrella

I ended up not getting wet, but with wet clothes.

Then, in my neighbourhood

it was raining lightly… Oh why?

It's close, but so far away...

I bought bread and went home safely.


(208th day of 2017)

Finally, the nest of the paper wasps has been completed and it is as big as a large bowl.

However, the working wasps will only live a couple more months, and the queen will live for one year.

In these days, there are some people who don’t remove wasps’ nests, because the wasps also help to exterminate other insects….

I have been watching them live every day as best they can… that makes me cheer them on…

But, I found some working wasps that seemed to have used up all their strength and died by the stairs…

also, I saw some other wasps standing beside them and watching over them intently…

I was watching them for a while and

I tried to make my way around as I went down the stairs…

I'm not sure if they really used up all their strength and died because of it, but I'm wondering if there are many small inspiring moments like this in our small world… I don’t know but…There are lots of clouds in the sky today. It feels a little bit cooler this morning…Somehow…

I woke up many times in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep well...


(209th day of 2017)

!! (●゜ロ゜) I woke up at 3:00am last night again.

I heard the theme song of the movie “Bokura no nanokakann senso 2”,