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Ucchy's Morning glory Project

I have found some Beetles at the common space of the Apartment House recently.

I have an idea on why.

There is a place that sell Beetles nearby; a kid, living in the same apartment house could have bought one there. But the Beetles seemed to have escaped anyway.

2 males and 1 female.

I caught them softly and released them in a place where trees grew thick.

If the Kids saw it, they could grow a grudge against me...

By the way, I've been giving out seeds of 'Morning Glory' because I got some of such seedlings from a primary school girl.

When I spread the seeds, when the buds appear, when the flowers blossom, when the seeds are produced, and when I give out the seeds, I remember that moment. So, I got an idea:

"I want to pay this pleasure forward."

I unexpectedly got the seeds at the community activity called, "Let's spread Morning Glories", at the primary school, so I wonder, I could tell her the result of the Morning Glories spread action.

She might just gave out the seeds as requested for the school activity. She might not remember that...

But I want to tell her the "possibilities" of connecting and spreading. It's almost like self-satisfied but I want to tell her, who gave me the seeds, before she graduates from the primary school.

So the ones who blossomed Morning Glories with the seeds I gave, please help me.

【Ucchy's Morning Glory project】

If your Morning Glory blossoms, could you please take a picture, possibly with you (smile!) and send it here?