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Getting ready

There are just few days left until the LIVE show, and everything is getting ready.

At this time, my head is full with the dance formation and the steps of the choreography. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,....

right, right, right, 4 steps and fall like a stick, get rigid and roll over!! Do you know which part this is?

「"How can we know?"」

I think I can hear that voice (LOL)

Counts divide each choreography, but actually only the Karate in AQUARIUS is not divided by counts.

Ma-kun, who came up with the choreography, said, "It's not dancing, if the Karate part is divided by counts." I've never heard that in the process of choreographing. I still remember clearly that he was very particular about that.

I feel lonely by being separated from the friend I was running with for such a long time, but as Ucchy says,

I will put importance on how we are going to live in the changing environment and what Ma-kun has left us. We will do our best for the LIVE show, which starts next week, and we are waiting for you guys.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Kindly translated by: Michelle using: HiNative (Thanks a lot!)

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