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After the LIVE

Good Morning in many, many languages


Another week starts.

Our 3-day LIVE Shows have come to an end

People who came,

people who unfortunately couldn’t participate,

people who supported and cheered us up from a distance,

I really appreciate all of you.

Some people might already have the Blu-ray,

I suppose.

In the coming two weeks,

I will introduce you 13 drawings

I made as Drafts for the Cover of the new Blu-ray.


(227th day of 2017)

Rainy Monday, the LIVE Shows

start today.

The moves we’ve been working on in the last week, using our brains at full stretch, and the main story of this LIVE Show, How will they be seen by the audience? How will they resonate in their hearts…?

Various thoughts runs through our minds, till the very moment the first Showe starts.

May a warm wind blows into everyone’s heart…


(228th day of 2017)

The Day 2; I came home last night at 11:30pm.

Then, I did some chores like laundries, and soon it was Tuesday, the second day of the Shows.

Yesterday after the Show, at the event for those purchasing the Blu-ray,

I noticed and felt a lot of warm affections of the people.

Then I will have another Show today.

It was heavy raining since the morning, and there was a big puddle on the ground.

I did my best again, but today…

My brain went completely blank from the moment the story ended.

Thanks to Mr. Tom Yam Kung,

(TN: Yusuke san's Nickname)

I recovered though…

Today there were many fans who came from overseas like Thailand, Taiwan or China, for our Show.

I was so happy to meet them. I hope to see them again at the start of next month, at JAPAN EXPO in Thailand

By the way, to those people from overseas, I wonder if our bizarre comedy show made any sense or not…


(229th day of 2017)

The third day of LIVE Shows

it kept raining since the morning again. It had rained throughout the whole three days.of our Summer LIVE. For some people, the Obon Holiday already ends, and today might be the start of work...

Today is the final day of our LIVE. Wishing our Show will become a good memory of this summer to all the people who visit us from all over.

Today, the final day, I will stand on the stage with my best.

Please be with us till the very end.


(230th day of 2017)

Oh…my body…soars…and hurts…

Our Dance movements, or Dance is not flashy. However, it requires us to be conscious about the rising and easing tensions of the muscles and it exhausts us from the inside, more than any other flashy dances.

It’s not the nice kind of fatigue you feel after sports or intense dance, it’s a dull fatigue which comes out from deep inside…

Having such a leaden body, I wish to have a pleasant sweat working today…

It has been rainy and damp, though not so hot these days. But today, it’s cloudy and muggy


(231st day of 2017)