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Thailand & Morning Glory

Well, the event in Thailand is coming soon.

At the JAPAN EXPO, there will be our LIVE Show, a joint Performance with BNK48 and some events on a mini-stage. Furthermore, our schedule will be full everyday including appearances on TV and radio.

In addition, we will shoot our new Music Video!

It will be a good, unprecedented work directed by Joony so look forward to it!

And it will be the tightest schedule ever, but we will do our best together in limited time.

The monthly Niigata Komachi has been published!

I wrote about the shooting of the first MV. I can say, it's a secret story of the shooting of the first work, "WORLD ORDER". I'm glad if you enjoy it.

And about the Morning Glory Project, I'm sorry if I made you hurry with my diary last week.

Please shoot on a fine day♪ It's been raining for a long time this year so the growth has been slow, and I can't work on it until I'm back from Thailand. So the deadline is September 4th.

Thank you in advance.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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