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JAPAN EXPO in Thailand

I was very glad that everybody in Thailand welcomed us warmly at JAPAN EXPO in Thailand 2017.

I was honored to collaborate with BNK48, who were amazingly popular and the fan meeting was fun this year, too.

I saw many people, who supported us in Thailand, and I was relieved when I saw people, who came from Japan to support us, so I was really thankful for the event.Thai people understood Japanese and Japanese people could speak Thai so it was somewhat warm space.

Other than the Show, there was the plan that we walked as robots inside the hall during a live broadcasting on the internet. Then, we met a person, who took care of us when we came to Thailand for the first time by shooting a MV for TOYOTA ASIA, again.

We shot a MV this time so we were wearing suits from morning to late at night everyday. We sometimes moved by a train,

and a Japanese person, who was in the same elevator, asked us "Is this a training?" We said with one voice,"Yes" We exchanged that way.

We finally had a free time at the last day and we ate a Pineapple which Aki-san cut in the Hotel Room.

and we went sightseeing a little.

Every time I turned my camera to the TUK-TUK driver, every time he gave me the same angle and the same posed face. His face resembled the face of my great senior, who took care of me very much and affected me very much, so it was a feeling of fun or shame.

I want to be invited to Thailand again next year.

I want to go to Thailand again next year.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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