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Scents and other Memories

Thank you for the celebration messages for my birthday.

After rehearsal on Sept. 22, I went to make the Photo-book of the MORNING GLORY Project.There was a person who sent me a message for the girl, I think it was good! So I collected messages from all participants and attached them to the photos; four hours past...

I enjoyed drinking wine which I got from my brother. HAYABUSAYAMA... Close to my name!

At the other day when I walked along the neighboring riverside on a fine day, seemed to have been right after the grass was mowed, so I smelled the dry grass.The scent was the same as when I was little, and got to ride by the side, on a combine harvester, helping mowing the lawn. I remembered that incidentally. The memory of the smell is great. Here is the wild rice which my father has begun to grow.

A white flower bloomed.

When I ate green soybeans in Niigata, which have a reputation of being delicious, I felt the ones my father harvested were much more delicious. When I told my parents about that, my mother taught me my nieces said the same when they ate the same soybeans.