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Autumn is here...

Good Morning in many, many languages


This week’s weather is more like autumn.

Hokkaido seems to have skipped the autumn,

first frost was observed there…

The atmosphere will be chilly from now on…


(269th day of 2017)

This morning, the sky is gentle light blue, a little bit cloudy.The sunlight is warm, it’ll be hot during the day…Today we were supposed to rehearse at a sports center.There, a staff said we can’t use the room there, go down stairs…Then the guy at the downstairs said no we can’t use there…Well, we were there because your colleague said so…

Mess up around all of a sudden, for the rule nobody knows for sure…'We’ve already paid!' …, I said…to myself…Although we continued our rehearsal, with frequent interruptions, we could hardly do anything we were supposed to.

What’s the matter with them…

Well, let’s eat bread…

The members, mumbling and uncomfortably working on the rehearsal, were so lovable,;

An old man's thought.

A nice week everybody...


(270th day of 2017)

Today is sunny too.

Nice autumn weather, it was cool in the morning, and warm during the day.

Today I ate a Kawasaki croquette bread with pieces of apple inside.

The bread with apple inside,

you shouldn’t microwave it… LOL


(271st day of 2017)

It might be because I’ve been keeping early hours recently…I wake up before 4:30am every morning.

It allows me to meet the morning glow before the sun fully rises.

Oh, it might be another fine day, I thought…but,It rained at night…

it would be stormy weather…

Today, I ate ginger pork on a toast with ketchup and mustard.



(272nd day of 2017)

This morning, the rain which started the night before, gets harder.

All the buses approaching were full and passed the bus stop, leaving people making a long queue.

At the station, trains are grounded and platforms are full of people…

On the way home, there was sprinkle- rain from a white sky.

Sometimes, the blue sky showed between the clouds.The air was cool…

good to have a steamed meat bun.