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Are we Fans, or just Customers?

Dear All

Recently, some fellow Fans have been using Aki san's Diary Comment Box, as a Plattform to complain about general Management Issues and even about the Seating during the LIVE Concerts.

I would like to give my opinion on this Matter.

We all have freedom of expression, but I think the Members Diaries are NOT the right place to complain about anything.

First: I think the Members are most probably not responsible for any administrative issues. If you have problems to get a Ticket for a Baseball Game, do you send a complaint letter to the Players? I think it’s the same case.

Second: The opportunity, the Members give us, to communicate and interact with them, is Precious!

It is a unique gesture of generosity and gratitude towards us Fans, which most “Superstar” Groups just don’t offer to theirs. Why abusing of this unique opportunity by complaining?

What if the management decides to just remove the comment function of the Diaries? Have you ever considered this possibility? If this happens, it would be unfair towards all Fans around the World, who cherish the Diary and handle it with respect.

If you want to complain about the Management, write them a Letter and deposit it in the Letter Box at the LIVE SHOWS.

If you want to complain about LIVE Shows Tickets and Seating issues, invest some hours in finding out which company is responsible (Venue, Ticketing service) and send your complaint to the proper Place.

Please, don’t abuse of the gentleness and politeness of some Members.

“Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

(John F. Kennedy). ¨¨

Ask not what your favourite Group can do for you – ask, what you can do for your favourite Group.

Are we Fans? Or are we just angry Customers?

So then, let's behave like Fans, supporting and cheering the Group, and showing Gratitude for the chances of interaction they give us.

Everyone has the right to show their Opinion. Well this is mine.

Thank you for reading.


Ani J

(Website Admin.)

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