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A week of Clouds and Riddles

Good Morning in many, many languages


Last week was a cloudy week.

The air was cool, and I turned on the electric carpet

for the first time in a while.

Oh…do you want to try this riddle...?

It ↓ was a part of Ryosuke’s homework I was helping…

[What is the food which is always beside you?]

We thought about it for a while…

It might be[にく(NIKU) “meat”]…? Or…

This riddle is for a first grader!

Please go for it!

I’ll show you the answer at the end…


(276th day of 2017)

Monday, the start with cloudy weather,I ate a potato bread with a sausage.Potato, bread and sausage…they sound good together somehow.Everybody, good luck for this week!


(277th day of 2017)

This morning, it was 100% humidity, not so hot, but feels damp.

I went out in a T-shirt today.The sky was cloudy, it was steamy all day long…

I dropped in at my family's home to find pears just arrived. Thank you!

Taste very good…

I love pears after all…


(278th day of 2017)

Wednesday, it was a cloudy morning again.

This week has been mostly cloudy.

I had a toast with three sausages, ketchup and mustard on top,

And a Choco toast as well.


(279th day of 2017)

It’s chilly this morning…

I put on a jersey jacket to go out.

As is to be expected, I found nobody wearing short sleeves on the street.

I ate Fillet-O-fish of McDonald’s after a long time.

It hasn’t changed at all, the same taste, same appearance.

It tasted good, partly because of familiarity.With potato, of course…

I love French fries best after all…


(280th day of 2017)

This morning was so chilly that

I couldn’t help turning on the electric carpet. I also felt chilly when I left home and at night though,

this morning was really chilly when I woke up… I don’t think it would skip Autumn to fall into winter’s temperatures…but how do we know?... It started raining in the afternoon.

It seems to keep low temperature all day long…

Today, I toasted Kawasaki croquette bread.

It was not so long ago that I felt the heat of the oven too hot, though…

I felt it warm today…

Have a warm and gentle weekend, everyone…


(281st day of 2017)

This morning was chilly with rainfall which started yesterday afternoon.

The rain turned into mist by the time I left home.

The atmosphere was cold today…

inside the bus it was warm with air heating…few people were there.

The sky gradually cleared and became blue by the time I was on the way home.

I ate ぎょうざ (Gyoza / Dumpling) today. I didn’t like it when I was a kid…

My tongue might have grown up a little bit…

Do you have any food you can’t handle?

I still can’t handle raw food or shellfish, although I would eat a little.

I don’t like the toppings of Instant Noodles, so I get rid of them every time before pouring hot water.

It’s troublesome, though…


(282nd day of 2017)

We had a blue sky and nice weather this morning. It was a warm Sunday.

We had cool, cloudy days this week, though…at the end there was a fine, clear day.

Tomorrow is Sports Day, may some kids have athletic festival tomorrow…

Hope it’ll be a gentle, warm Sunday…

Great work for last week.everybody,

the start of the new week.

May the coming week have kind days and times,

spent in gentle, warm feelings and winds as ever…

May a gentle wind blow into your heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind blew.

Let’s live!! \(゜∇゜●))””

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay. It will lead to tomorrow!!】

【May the heart of the people in Mexico, who experienced the awful earthquake

and were so much frightened, be soothed step by step, bit by bit…】

To the new week, for the people who go out,

for the people who have days off,

With warm heart,

Off we go!※(●゜▽゜)ノ

The answer for the riddle [そば (SOBA) “Besides”]!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by M. Takao (Thanks a lot!)

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