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A week of Clouds and Riddles

Good Morning in many, many languages


Last week was a cloudy week.

The air was cool, and I turned on the electric carpet

for the first time in a while.

Oh…do you want to try this riddle...?

It ↓ was a part of Ryosuke’s homework I was helping…

[What is the food which is always beside you?]

We thought about it for a while…

It might be[にく(NIKU) “meat”]…? Or…

This riddle is for a first grader!

Please go for it!

I’ll show you the answer at the end…


(276th day of 2017)

Monday, the start with cloudy weather,I ate a potato bread with a sausage.Potato, bread and sausage…they sound good together somehow.Everybody, good luck for this week!


(277th day of 2017)

This morning, it was 100% humidity, not so hot, but feels damp.

I went out in a T-shirt today.The sky was cloudy, it was steamy all day long…

I dropped in at my family's home to find pears just arrived. Thank you!

Taste very good…

I love pears after all…


(278th day of 2017)

Wednesday, it was a cloudy morning again.

This week has been mostly cloudy.

I had a toast with three sausages, ketchup and mustard on top,

And a Choco toast as well.


(279th day of 2017)

It’s chilly this morning…

I put on a jersey jacket to go out.

As is to be expected, I found nobody wearing short sleeves on the street.

I ate Fillet-O-fish of McDonald’s after a long time.

It hasn’t changed at all, the same taste, same appearance.

It tasted good, partly because of familiarity.With potato, of course…

I love French fries best after all…