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Riddles and roller coaster weather

Good Morning in many, many languages


This week…

Started from Summer weather to Roller-coaster weather…

And this week… gives you ※riddles again! \(゜ロ゜●)”※

Q1: What time is it now?※

Q2: There are two people: A and B.

They move in the same speed.

Started from the 1st floor,

A went to the 3rd floor,

B to the 3rd basement.

Which one reached the goal first, A or B?


(283rd day of 2017)

The Sports day,

Nice weather with a blue sky, it’s a perfect day for athletic festival.

Monday, it was warmer, it should be a summer day in many areas.

Although the forecast said you’d be able to put away summer clothes last week…

No, no, no, it’s still Summer, at least during the day time.

It’s hard to deal with the change of the seasons every time…

I ate two crispy cheese curry bread…greedy-guts…


(284th day of 2017)

It was even warmer than yesterday.

A hot Tuesday started with the high temperature from the morning.

On the way home, there was the atmosphere and the sunlight of Summer. It became a hot Tuesday.

Autumn and Summer switches every week, the weather is so busy…

Today, I put instant mashed potato someone gave me on a toast, with ketchup and melted cheese on top, and ate it.

Mashed potatoes tastes best without anything…


(285th day of 2017)

The forecast said it will be a summer day, it must be hot…

But it was cloudy in the morning, and was cloudy all day long.It wasn’t so hot…

It’s hard to get along with the turn of the season…

Today, I ate toasted sandwich, filled with fried noodles and melted cheese.


(286th day of 2017)

It’s nice weather today.

Yesterday’s forecast said it would be a summer day, …but it wasn’t too hot.

Today’s forecast said it would be 28℃, and turned out to be even hotter by 5℃…

It was a Thursday, felt like it became Summer again.

Then, tomorrow’s forecast is 15℃ and rain. It will be 13℃ lower…

from hot…to cold…Oh, it’s so zigzag.

I got a dish at my family's home,

stir-fried lotus root, Shitake mushrooms and minced fish.


(287th day of 2017)


It really is! It’s really 13℃ lower…

Yesterday, HOT! to today, COLD!...from Summer to Winter.

I went out in warm clothes since it was cold out there, but I sweated on a packed train because of the heat…What’s going on?I’m so sweaty…

But, actually… when you go out in warm clothes for the cold weather… isn’t it too hot in vehicles? In a packed train, you would sweat… because you can’t take off clothes to adjust…

The difficult season is coming…

please take care, everybody, not to catch a cold…

Who am I, by the way…

(*All lines above were written with Kansai dialect.)

I came home late today…decided to eat mashed potatoes with curry sauce…

hum…not too spicy…not too mild…not so good…

Just kidding! It was very good!! You should try it…Have a gentle weekend, everyone…


(288th day of 2017)

Saturday, with cold air, cold rain,

It was another cold day, repeatedly rained. It must be even colder in the Northern Area…

Today I ate Hokkaido cheese steamed bread after a while. Although I couldn’t keep the Hokkaido shape beautifully…

it was yummy after all…


(289th day of 2017)

Today, it rained since the morning again; I woke up at 4:30am, so I enjoyed a long Sunday.

I made a croquette sandwich with toast. The red color of the toaster’s heater looked warm…

I might get a Kotatsu (Japanese low table-style heater used with a bulky blanket) for this Winter…

The electric carpet or the electric heater cause a too high electricity bill...

Keep warm and have gentle Sunday, everyone…

Great work for last week.everybody.

The weather suddenly got worse,

and the air got cold from this weekend.

Please take good care of your health.

The forecast put many rain marks for coming week,

it would be another chilly week…

The start of the new week.

May the coming week have kind days and times,

spent in gentle, warm feelings and winds as ever…

May a gentle wind blow into your heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind blew.

Let’s live!! \(゜∇゜●))””

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay. It will lead to tomorrow!!】

【May the heart of the people in Mexico, who experienced the awful earthquake

and were so much frightened, be soothed step by step, bit by bit…】

To the new week,

With warm heart,

Off we go!

※(●゜▽゜)ノ The answer for the riddle

Q1:[ 2文字 (futa moji) “two letters”]

いまなんじ?(ima nanji) “What time is it now?”⇒いま(ima) “now” なんじ(nanji) “

How many letters”?⇒いま(ima) “now” consists of two letters い and ま.

Q2: [A]

(A goes 1→2→3)

(B goes 1→B1→B2→B3)

You see…? LOL

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Kindly Translated by M. Takao (Thanks a lot!)

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