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Field life, and the Elections

I got News from Toyo-kun!

Recently, I've passed from harvesting summer vegetables, into the preparation of Autumn and Winter vegetables, and enjoying the thinning of Mino early Daikon Radish, Wasabi and Tennoji Turnip

Since the Shiso ears (leaves) are not sold, it's a pleasure to eat the ones raised by yourself.

When you are doing the harvesting, he fragrance of Shiso spreads, and it's really pleasant.

I like to pickle them with salt and sprinkle them on rice.

The Moroheiya is almost at the end.

It was the first time I sowed Moroheiya seeds, so I thought some sort of insects would hang around at first.

You can make small seeds in this.

A Mantis was making a nest in the Moroheiya. I thought I saw a figure swaggering at the top of Moroheiya a while ago. I am glad she chose my field as an important place.

But if the Mantis Nest would be in the veranda, the circumstances for each of us, would make it impossible to live.

By the way, soon it will be election day.

It is said that it costs about 60 billion yen for an election and that it's about 100 million yen, the necessary expenses included, per year for a Member of the Parliament, so I can't waste the election. I think, I want them to reconsider how to spend our money. If they make some painful reforms, or get a little normal, from super hospitable, it would be good if they understood the sense of the normal citizen. There have been many political changes but none have been made here. I have some policies to view as important to vote and the energy policy is very important for me.

In the first place, why do we have to rely on the energy which needs an extensive evacuation plan? Why do we want to rely on it positively even if we don't need to? If we turn to sustainable natural energy, the world greatly moves, so I feel good with that way.

There are people who doubt if the change to natural energy is possible but, at first, if we don't turn to that way, nothing will happen. When the world doesn't have to rely on fossil fuel nor nuclear power generation, I think the present civilization can finally take a step forward.

The current energies are not sustainable. It means not only resources will dry up but the lives of many creatures and people can't be sustainable in that environment. It will be more serious for the future generations.

Therefore, I want to vote for the best person among the candidates even if there is no one who has closer thoughts to mine, so that the world doesn't go in the wrong direction, due to a big power.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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