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The forgotten umbrella...

The other day I went to the Japan Cake Show, which was held at the Industrial Trade Center in Asakusa.

At the venue, I was able to spend a pleasant time with the exhibition and sale of pastry and confectionery works.

Because of that, although is not goo to take it as excuse, I forgot my umbrella at the venue.

[ As Rain has stopped, I'm forgetting my Shade ]

(Proverb meaning “When the trouble has past, we forget being thankful to those who had saved us.”)

As I forgot my umbrella, I remember this proverb and felt like becoming a ruthless guy.

It will keep raining. Everyone, please take care not to get wet and cold.

I will take care not to forget my umbrella.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Translated by: Ani, using Google, Bing and Hi-Native.electronic Translation ressources.

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