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Riddles and a late rainy season

Good Morning in many, many languages


Brain exercise [Meany Riddle] \(゜^゜●)”

Q1:There was an assembly, where people gathered from all over the world.

During the meeting, there was a sudden blackout.

A person said [電気をつけろ! (Denki wo tsukero! = Turn the light on!)] as first.

Which country is he/she likely to be from?

Q2: Why Urashima Taro (a character of a Japanese folk tale) became an old-man

when he opened Tamatebako (a treasure box he got from the Dragon Palace as a gift)?


(291st day of 2017)

A new week of cold rain continues.

The beginning of Monday.

Today too, it was raining since the Morning and it got chilly

Stay warm and don't catch a cold.

May this week be a calm one too. Starting with two kinds of Choco-Toast


(292nd day of 2017)

Rainy and cold since the morning; Clear up in the afternoon.

That’s the forecast, though I wonder…

Buses and trains are packed on rainy days.

Thanks for your efforts, everyone... Although the rain continues, Let’s do our best!!

Today I reduced Miso Soup with Eggplant and Tofu

Yes, it's delicious… warming up...


(293rd day of 2017)

Today, after a long time, it’s sunny since the morning…

The birds are full of energy, after a long absence, in this sunny morning, crying and flying around a little bit...

I thought the temperature would rise, but... after all... In the afternoon, clouds are getting slowly more and more...

The air gets cold… and it rains again in the evening. It will be a cold day tomorrow as well...


(294th day of 2017)

Thursday morning, after a rainy night.

Today again, I saw a crowded bus set off, and get on the 2nd one

The train was also the same, saw the 1st set off and get in the 2nd one.

Today I'm... The second of the JR Brothers...(The only one)…

Just kidding….

Today, it's like a cheerful midwinter day… Cold. People also wearing down Jackets here and there…


(295th day of 2017)

This morning, too, the cold rain started since 4:30 AM

I got up, this morning just the right timing for the bus. It arrives, empty… Against my expectation, I can take the first one. But the train is the 2nd. one, after all. By the time I get home the rain also rises for a while.

The Sun peeked out for a moment, and again in the Evening

Head to the office... I wonder if it will rain on the way back ...

A Typhoon seems to be approaching, though...

Have a warm and calm weekend...


(296th day of 2017)

Rain ... rain ... rain ... it has been raining all the time, more than during rainy season. Continuous rain, just like Rainy Season.

The Subway is almost overdone

It was really hot... everyone took off their coats. Even those in short sleeved

T -shirts were wiping their sweat

I wonder why this strong heating…

I was one of those wiping their sweat…

In midwinter, Means of transportation, trains and buildings feel like summer. And during midsummer, they feel like winter. Jeez, I wish we could have continuously Spring or Autumn…

Feel the Four Seasons and live!!

Yesterday, I got lost in the Subway while changing trains… It's difficult to transfer in the Japanese subway...

Curry bread and French toast... It is delicious


(297th day of 2017)

Sunday, the election day… how will it turn out...

It’s still pouring this morning.

It’s heavy weather because of the typhoon. At the station, candidates see me off, and welcome me home every day, from morning to night…Good morning! → Good night!

I’m more interested in the boxing match, though…

How will the rematch turn out from the questionable decision of last time…

Before that, we have Sazae-san

(famous TV cartoon program )


"Please be with us for the next week as well!“ Awk, …Gag! (choking sound)” Have a gentle Sunday and a warm next week…

He won…Murata impressed me so much…after the last bitter TKO…

the other fighter accepted the rematch…They were both so great…Give applause to both of them!!

Great work for this week everyone.

The start of the new week,October is almost over…

This week also started with rain, though,

May the coming week have kind days and times,

spent in gentle, warm feelings and winds as ever…

May a gentle wind blow into your heart…

It is going to be okay,

it is going to be alright.

The wind blew.

Blow off the typhoon!

Let’s live!! \(゜へ゜●\)

【Remember to keep kindness and a warm heart.

May a smiling wind blow throughout the world…

It is going to be okay. It will lead to tomorrow!!】

【May the heart of the people in Mexico, who experienced the awful earthquake

and were so much frightened, be soothed step by step, bit by bit…】

To the new week,

With warm heart,

Off we go!

※(●゜▽゜)ノ The answer of the riddle

Q1:[Japanese](Because he spoke Japanese. [電気をつけろ! (Denki wo tsukero!)] is Japanese.)

Q2: [Because he was a man.](A woman doesn’t become an old-man, but old-woman.)

Did you get it?... such meany questions…

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


M. Takao (Thanks a lot!)

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