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BBQ or Mustard? (and other Riddles)

Good Morning in many, many languages


Riddle please try again!

Brain teasing and fighting this new week too !!!

Q ① : What kind of furniture will make your hands shake?

※Q: My Hand shakes already by carrying a spoon,

Who is this Old Man? →A (Akihiro Takahashi), Hey!

Q② : [Ma-Mi-Mu-Ne-Mo] What am I?


(298th day of 2017)

Early morning, 4:00 am, waking up to the sound of an horrendous wind

Whooooooo.... swooooooosh and...

A low sound of wind, blowing through the window at any moment,

Almost as taking off… a sound like the earth shaking. A true storm, is passing through Kanto this morning

It hasn’t even reached here yet, but this storm... is Super Large

Typhoon No. 21, I wonder if trains and buses will operate...It looks like it will be rough over there...

The Paper Wasps ' nest...

I wonder if it's okay...

Everyone gathered firmly so that the nest is not blown away

It seems to be resisting...

However, I’ve never sensed it before,

such a strong wind sound…

I felt a little perplexed

Heavily pouring rain only…

Today, the temperature rises and it clears up after the typhoon

There was a beautiful sunset, again after a long time...


(299th day of 2017)

This morning, the train was delayed, at the end I had to take the 3rd. one

3rd. class JR BROTHERS it was.

But unlike yesterday's morning...

the sky is vivid, the clouds in the sky and the sun were beautiful.

I might have to be a running man (but I don’t want to)

A pleasant weather Tuesday…

I can only see people's heads on the crowded train

But... the river’s view, on the way back, after the Typhoon the other day...

Many Baseball fields were flooded, And garbage and trees were washed away, It was all scattered and messy..

Many Rescue actions with Helicopter and so, were done.

It was stormy until such a point, at the Tama River

The water color of the river was also brown and muddy...

I felt the terrible nature of the typhoon...


(300th day of 2017)

Today again rain, temperatures did not rise

It was a cold air Wednesday ...

Tonight, after a long time, Fried Noodles…

it was delicious.


(301st day of 2017)

This morning, blue sky and nice weather, though it’s a cold morning

The sunlight on the way back was hot and glaring, only, it was not hot and it felt pleasant

Nice weather, typhoon, sunny, rainy, sunny... tomorrow…?

A Typhoon seems to be approaching Japan though

I’ll have a very hot (spicy) Curry, to get hot too.