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Tears & the last 'Morning Glory'

I watched a movie named, "IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD"

I watched it at 8:30 am because the screenings are close to the end, and it's only shown once a day.

The theme music, sung by KOTORINGO was played and my tears were overflowing even if it was not an impressive scene. Hard, sad and warm, I was overcome by a feeling that I couldn't explain.

When the recent long rain was over, the HORSERADISH was amazingly fresh. It is the vegetable of the lower right of the photo. Vegetables which like sun and vegetables which like rain, each of them are different.

The turnip grows, too.

A small amount of peanuts have been harvested this year.

Peanuts lengthen something like roots from the upper part of the stem, stick them into soil and grow in the ground. It's a really mysterious system.

I was suggested smoked peanuts were delicious last year but I "boiled them and salt them" as usual.

Oh, it's delicious...! Next time, they will be smoked.

Probably the last 'Morning Glory' of this year has bloomed.

It was swayed by the wind and danced with light of the rainbow color of the sun catcher.

I danced with it little by little.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly Translated by: taro (Thanks a lot!)

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