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Safety first

An automobile has been added to my transportation choices, and since some months I’ve had access to driving a car.

When I was in my teens and twenties, I used to drive cars and ride motorbikes, I was used to the narrow streets of the City, and I was not particularly resistant to driving, So I was planning to regain that feeling soon, and to have a comfortable car life, but I was not able to do so quite well.

I drove a few times and I regained feeling, but I think about such things during driving.

"What shall I do if I hit a person?"

“What if I collide with a font-coming car?”

"What to do if the previous car stops suddenly and creates an argument?."

"What if the car behind, is an undercover police car?"

"What if you’re told to stop by the previous car?"

"Let's pretend you cannot hear it then, and go on"

The last is a joke, but since I got conscious of recent news, I started driving with a bit of fear and paying attention to various details.

When I was in my teens or twenties I thought , "Speed and the Wind feel good!", when I think back to it now, I shudder just to think about my terrible driving.

Safety first. I will keep it in mind.


Yusuke Morisawa

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