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We'll be back!

Dear all

The Website Administration will be out of town for 3 Months, from December 1st. 2017 until February 28th 2018.

During this time, we mostly won't have access to the normal Website Editor , so we won't be able to publish the Translated Diaries in the usual manner. The good News are:

We will continue our activities through Social Media


Our Japanese Speaking collaborators, have kindly agreed to go on translating the Diaries of Ucchy san, Yusuke san, and Tomizo san.

This Diary translations will be done sporadically, according to the Work and Family Situations of our collaborators. The works won't be published in this Website, but on a Specially created Google File.

Sadly, at the moment, there is no one able to translate Aki san's Diary, which is long and complex. This means, that Aki san's Diary won't be translated at all during this time.

We apologize in advance to the Fans who have faithfully read the Diary Translations so far.

But we assure you: The translated Diary, WILL BE BACK!

We will continue our sacred Mission of promoting WORLD ORDER, with renewed energy, next Spring.

Not only we will continue with the Translated Diaries, but we are also planning a complete Re-Vamping of the Website, including Updating the translation of WORLD ORDER Song Lyrics, or the creation of a WORLD ORDER Wiki!

So, the important facts for the next 3 Months: