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Shooting Fun

This is a Picture taken by Ucchy San himself. Today, we’ll make a preliminary edition of the new MV.

I'm having a good feeling.

And the shooting of this week’s WORLD ORDER weekly Journal was also fun.I’d like to go to such locations with everyone. (^^) I think I’d really like to go sooner of later. Recently, I have been quite tired, but feel, the motivation to make something good, makes me do my best.For the shooting too, I will continue to do my best! Everyone, please look forward to it ☻☻☻

WORLD ORDER LIVE Show "Love's World War III" May 2nd. and 3rd.

Additional Ticket Application Period --> From March 1st. 12:00 until March 5th. 23:59 h (Japan Time)

Info in Japanese --> HERE

Non Japanese Speakers and Customers Outside Japan: Get your Tickets through --> TICKET JAPAAAN


Takashi Jonishi

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