• Aki

An exhausting week

Good Morning in many, many languages


((゜▽゜● ) The beginning of a new week.

This week, was doing my best until exhaustion

But it was also Seattle’s great Nature, the Deer, the Moon,

and the warm smiles of the People I felt.

Such a week it was.


(57th day of 2018)

IToday the weather is not good here...

6 fried Cheese Hanpen and Nuggets... Meat eating.

From tomorrow on: Fight!

Today, Shooting since early Morning, Preparations... early to bed, to get early up. Tomorrow, departing at 5:30am, carrying big Luggage.

Off to America.


(58th day of 2018)

Today, heading to Seattle USA in the morning. With the MV-filming Suits, since Narita on to Seattle.

In Seattle, we were also shooting since our early arrival. On the way to the Hotel, as we move away from the City, heavy rain and snowy landscapes. I live the 27th for the 2nd. Time.

The Moon seen from the Hotel Room soothes my heart a bit.