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Ground control to Major Tom... izo

Did you enjoy the new MV?

This is a scene at the time of shooting.

As usual, it is essential to check the video every time you shoot.

Everyone is seriously checking.

This photo was taken by our manager, but I noticed that there was something strange about it.

Let's open the angle a bit.

Uh? An unknown guy is peeping.

Curious Onlookers?

No, it's different. He is a staff member, so, it’s a natural scene.

Let’s open the angle a bit further.

Oh? Hey... Hey....Hey...!??

Tomizo san…?

He’s completely in another world

Where did he go this time?

Many times I looked at this Picture and made me smirk.

Since I felt his enjoyment would end if address him, I just left him gently, as it was.

And tomorrow is White Day.

Speaking of White Day, it’s Yusuke's birthday.

Eating Sweet Potatoes even at a Kaiten Sushi Restaurant. I guess he really likes Potatoes.

I read this book the other day. (TN: March 11. is the Anniversary of the 2011 Tsunami and Nuclear disaster)

Since I changed my way of life from that moment on, I guess I will keep thinking about it for the rest of my life. The number of evacuees seems to be decreasing, but in fact the number of people who had been ceased from official support, will not be included in the statistics, so we don't really know the numbers.

In low-radiation areas, the radiation dose is in a subtle level, so finally the evacuation was lifted, but those who worked in the industry, can't work even after returning to the area; the reconstruction still take time I guess.

Do not try to finish it early, let's rather support over time.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Translated by: Ani (Using Online resources)

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