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Say Hello to Ex-Member Masato Ochiai

Dear Fellow Fans

As previously announced, during our stay in Tokyo we will try to visit Ex-Member MASATO OCHIAI at his Training School KARATECISE, and in this Opportunity, bring him the Messages from the Fans (Japanese or from Overseas ) who don't have the possibility to attend his school.

So, if you have something to tell him, here’s your chance!

Conditions of Participation.

-Send us your Message as Text or Picture (pdf, or Word). It can be a Selfie, an Image of your country, a Collage, a hand-written message, Art Work, etc. Just let your creativity fly and show your Love!

-Your Work MUST Fit on a A4 Paper Sheet. (You can use One or Both sides of the Sheet).

-All Messages will be Printed in Color and compiled in a Folder.

-In the case we receive very few Messages, each one will be placed in an Envelope, with the Name or the Participant. In this case, participants will be notified through E-mail.

-If you send a Text Message Only, we recommend to write it in English or Japanese (easier to read).

-We recommend to avoid comments/ messages about WORLD ORDER or the reasons f or leaving the Group.

-Messages MUST Include Name and Country of Origin. (Messages without ANY of these two, won’t be included)

-Just ONE Message / Sheet per Person.

-ONLY for Fans who cannot attend KARATECISE or deliver their Messages personally.


-We don't know yet if we will be able to Interview Masato San. But we will try to take at least some Pictures of him while receiving the Messages.

-If we are not able to see Masato San personally, we will give the Messages to one of our Japanese Fan Site Collaborators who attend KARATECISE regularly.

Submit your Entries to the following Address:

(Subject: Masato San Message)


WEDNESDAY April 25th 2018, 23:59 h CET

Entries received after this Point CANNOT be included in the Folder anymore

Please feel free to ask any question, at the Email Address shown above.

We'll be regularly updating the Progress of this Project, so STAY TUNED!

Thank you very much, as always, for your support!


Ani J

(Website Admin.)

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