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It's totally Spring!

I like John Lennon.

There’s this Passage, in “Imagine”

“You may say I´m a dreamer

But I´m not the only one

I hope someday you´ll join us

And world will be as one”

Recently I really feel "I am not alone".

Thank you very much.

All Sakura have bloomed at once I think, and in Tokyo they’re almost completely scattered already.

Other flowers and creatures will inform us of the arrival of spring, but when the cherry blossoms bloom,

It makes me feel like

"It's totally spring!"

And, in addition, it is already a bit short.

The seasons are changing fast.

This week's book, is a sequel to the Book "Bread, soup and cat weather" that I read before.

In the word «Fuku» (“福” /good fortune) there is a Neko ( “ネコ”/ Cat)

(TN: Probably meaning: In good fortune, there’s a cat / Cats bring good fortune)

Munch, munch, let’s relax.


Hayato Uchiyama

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