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A Break in Hong Kong

The event in Hong Kong was over safely. It was a short performance, but it was soooooooooooo condensed. Therefore, the preparation was tough but I was glad everybody enjoyed it. That's the reason why we exist.

I went out to the town at night and enjoyed the short night time.

I'll rehearse the Play carefully day by day from tomorrow on, for the LIVE show.

The Play is always stuck in my head and makes me worry when I'm playing, but that's one of the pleasures of a Play. I think the energy of people who play is great. I'm influenced by the attitude of co-actors to confront the play, so my energy for it, is drawn to them.

I think the energy of each one goes to the same direction, it becomes a big vortex and then it's good to entangle audiences.

Let's make a good stage, a good LIVE Show.

Have no regrets!


Hayato Uchiyama

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Translated by: taro. (Thanks a lot! )

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