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No more fear!

There are so many seeds of BRASSICA NAPUS. I wonder how I will harvest them... I'm looking forward to it.

The strawberries become fruits one by one.

And AKAHANASUZUNARISATO, which is a kind of sweet pod peas I sowed this year, produced pretty fruits.

I ate the bigger ones and they were delicious.

I feel comfortable because various vegetables and grasses are mingled up living in my field.

There are cornflowers beside my field. They melt my heart during my work.

By the way, finally, the LIVE show is tomorrow! I have done what I could.

What I'll do, is to do what I have done in front of everybody as hard as possible. No fear any more! I'll stand on the stage with full force while imagining everybody enjoys. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

I wanted to take some pictures of the rehearsal but I forgot it because of too much concentration...

Anyway, I want to make them the best two days!

And my glasses, which I have been wearing for a long time, were broken today, so I'll have new ones tomorrow. I think nobody will notice them because thee two are totally the same.


Hayato Uchiyama

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