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Another dream comes true...

Thank you very much to everyone who came to "World War 3 of Love" and also who those who cheered us even if they could not come.

In the past LIVE Shows, I had sense of accomplishment and getting over something big, and liked to get back to normal life right after the shows. But this time, I feel a sense of nothingness, like a hole open in my heart.

I have never withdrawn from a Show. But this time, we, who had been inorganic substance, joined a Play expressed feelings, and stood On Stage with all our hearts and souls. We lived the best On Stage.

The reason why it turned out that way, was the contributions from the Members, who played for the first time, the actresses, who played and faced the Play with Passion, and the audience, who watched warmly over our new challenge.

And another reason is the Passion of Aki-san, who dealt with the Script, Direction and prepared for us, before our lesson began, all by himself, doing the best.

For me, It was the happiest LIVE Show ever. I seemed to remember something I'd forgotten.

It's something we worked hard for, I'm glad if it connects the Life Energy of the people who came to see, and the courage to take a new step forward.

Thank you very much!

By the way, I have an announcement to make!

WORLD ORDER will perform at the event, "NAGAOKA ROOTS 400th anniversary ceremony", in Nagaoka-city, in the Niigata-Prefecture, where my hometown is, on Sunday, May 27th!

We are the third in Part 3, from 13:30-15:30 h.

I was glad about the Event in the Niigata-city, but Nagaoka is exactly my hometown. The high school, where I went to, is very close.

I'm glad another dream comes true.


Hayato Uchiyama

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