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Irresistible Pleasures...

The LIVE show is one week from now. We have remade some songs, (which we wanted to dance but we couldn't without seven performers), to five-performer version, and spend a lot of time. It's as my brain was bushed. Besides, we have practiced the play almost everyday since this April.

It will last for only four LIVE shows... It's really great. Even more than ever.

To that extent, I need more physical strength for the LIVE performances but I will reduce my soul and go the distance. For one more week, do what we can.

A bamboo shoot has arrived from SAKUMA Farm again this year! So big... I will eat this vitality to do my best. I will grow just a little, too! It was delicious even if I had Sashimi, Fried with salt, and Rice mixed with bamboo sprouts.

Full two years passed with Monthly Niigata Komachi this month.

One year was long enough, but now I feel it was long time ago when I started writing columns.

And the third year begins. What will really happen?

I made future arrangements. I got some Miso by "MISO HOSHIROKU", which I got interested in by reading a special feature about fermentation in the past Komachi!

One-year-old miso and two-year-old miso.

I'm happy♪

I taste at once without being able to resist it.

Delicious ♪

Thank you, bacterias.


Hayato Uchiyama

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