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To the next step

Good Morning in many, many languages

Thank you HONG KONG! Good Morning!

A week has passed since the LIVE Shows.

The Opening is also on the ‘Weekly WORLD ORDER...’

Then, the Comments and the Letters I received…

Full of warm feelings

Really, Thank you so much.

I’ll try to cling to the feeling, of this fire not extinguishing.

[This time, it took me a long time to answer Nanase-Kun’s Letter,

The reason is a mystery! ]

※ A Riddle: «Ma,Mi,Mu,Ne,Mo» What is it?


(127th day of 2018)

Rain falls from the clouds on the beginning of Monday.

When it starts raining, I have two pieces of Manju,

I heat them in the Oven.

The Schwa-chan T-shirts, the T-Shirts for the Staff, not only the Performers, I hope they reached everyone’s hands...


(128th day of 2018)

Today it is a blank sky, rainy Tuesday.

I’ll start drawing at once, I have to keep moving.

Pizza toast and Hazelnut toast for the first time in a while...

Delicious, or course...


(129th day of 2018)

Today, the sky is blank, the weather is bad in the first half of this week

I ... I drew while looking at the font for a while.The letter in the drawing came out nervous….

I hope this Letter becomes a

T-shirt, and reaches everyone’s Hands… Fight


(130th day of 2018)

Today, from good weather we pass to a thunderstorm…

Sunny, busy-skied Thursday

Today, together with people who came to the LIVE Show, the Producer and the Flyer print-maker of the ‘Kukan-Engi’ Theater Company,

(TN: Aki-San has worked as Choreographer in several Productions of this Company)

all three together went for a Drink. They came to see me live…

I was nervous, because they are Theater people. I hope they enjoyed it.

It was a good time... When it comes to these two people, I always end up taking the first train, LOL


(131sth day of 2018)

Good weather this morning,

I couldn't sleep much after all,

I went riding on my Bike on a cycling course... Riding a light and fast bike, because of the speed, the wind feels almost like a fan...

I Stop and I'm sweating, I don't understand why, but it feels good. And, the ‘ZOZO Suit’; It was free, and I had forgotten I ordered it sometime last year…

It arrived...


(132nd day of 2018)

Temperatures are rising today, good weather

My head is moving forward, towards the next thing...

I dreamt about a Scene from the LIVE Show yesterday.

And in the Dream, someone from long ago was before my eyes, I was looking for a Friend.

Yoshi departed by Bicycle,