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To the next step

Good Morning in many, many languages

Thank you HONG KONG! Good Morning!

A week has passed since the LIVE Shows.

The Opening is also on the ‘Weekly WORLD ORDER...’

Then, the Comments and the Letters I received…

Full of warm feelings

Really, Thank you so much.

I’ll try to cling to the feeling, of this fire not extinguishing.

[This time, it took me a long time to answer Nanase-Kun’s Letter,

The reason is a mystery! ]

※ A Riddle: «Ma,Mi,Mu,Ne,Mo» What is it?


(127th day of 2018)

Rain falls from the clouds on the beginning of Monday.

When it starts raining, I have two pieces of Manju,

I heat them in the Oven.

The Schwa-chan T-shirts, the T-Shirts for the Staff, not only the Performers, I hope they reached everyone’s hands...


(128th day of 2018)

Today it is a blank sky, rainy Tuesday.

I’ll start drawing at once, I have to keep moving.

Pizza toast and Hazelnut toast for the first time in a while...

Delicious, or course...


(129th day of 2018)

Today, the sky is blank, the weather is bad in the first half of this week

I ... I drew while looking at the font for a while.The letter in the drawing came out nervous….

I hope this Letter becomes a

T-shirt, and reaches everyone’s Hands… Fight


(130th day of 2018)

Today, from good weather we pass to a thunderstorm…

Sunny, busy-skied Thursday

Today, together with people who came to the LIVE Show, the Producer and the Flyer print-maker of the ‘Kukan-Engi’ Theater Company,

(TN: Aki-San has worked as Choreographer in several Productions of this Company)

all three together went for a Drink. They came to see me live…

I was nervous, because they are Theater people. I hope they enjoyed it.

It was a good time... When it comes to these two people, I always end up taking the first train, LOL


(131sth day of 2018)

Good weather this morning,

I couldn't sleep much after all,

I went riding on my Bike on a cycling course... Riding a light and fast bike, because of the speed, the wind feels almost like a fan...

I Stop and I'm sweating, I don't understand why, but it feels good. And, the ‘ZOZO Suit’; It was free, and I had forgotten I ordered it sometime last year…

It arrived...


(132nd day of 2018)

Temperatures are rising today, good weather

My head is moving forward, towards the next thing...

I dreamt about a Scene from the LIVE Show yesterday.

And in the Dream, someone from long ago was before my eyes, I was looking for a Friend.

Yoshi departed by Bicycle,

On the way, during our High School time, fooling around together, we used to film Commercials and Films with the Video Camera,

in the Public Park, on this Bench, the Commercial was one for Cigarettes <-- Hey!

The movie was about an Alien invasion like ‘Independence Day’… When we saw what we could do, we used to laugh stupidly…

If I become famous one day, I’d like to publish them.

There’s a pirate ship anchored in the factory area today... eh?

What kind of ship is it? What kind or Pirates?

Then, many bridges to cross.

The wind I received was too pleasant to catch a cold...

Wind received naturally feels the best…


(133th day of 2018)

It was sunny in the morning on this rainy Sunday,

After all it rained all day.

Today, a mess: illumination, Dance-Starting Timing, Sound timing; I worked on it mechanically since the morning, until I realized it was 20:30… I

have to send the Diary…

The coffee I’d set in the morning was also cold...

I was before my computer for more than 10 hours...

The PC wouldn’t tell me earlier what to do… Jijii’s (Old Man) back is hurting… but, the first part is complete.

I wonder if this too, will reach everyone’s hands one day… Fight.

※* [Riddle Hint]: Ucchy San and Tomizo-san


Thank you for your work this week.

May this week, be steady and calm

and the days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

Blow softly…

into the hearts…

It's okay it's okay.

Let's live !!! \(゜へ゜o●)”

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Forever all over the world ...】

※ [Riddle Answer]: Glasses

(‘め’ が ‘ね’ = ‘Me’ ga ‘ne’ [ “me” becomes “ne” ] “Megane” means Glasses)

Well then,

To the new week,

with ‘Regain’ in the Pocket…

In warm feelings

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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