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A late Spring stroll

An ordinary day. There's the sky which is spread out everywhere and the laundry which is staying still.

Even if it's in my room, it seems to spread out into the sky. fizzzzzzzzz...

Grasses grow thick in the neighboring riverside recently, ducks play at the river and drift vaguely in peace. When I stare at them, they are cautious a little and then when they get used to me a little, they put their heads into water to show me handstands.Hey, can I imitate it next to you?

When I walked a little more, there is a flower garden with field poppies, so I squatted and looked at it.

I sometimes worried about people, who walked through, looking at me, but I told them "beautiful, isn't it?"

in mind, over my back. I didn't look at their faces but I thought some of them felt the same and smiled.

Let's walk, walk.

Grasses climb all over, KUJO Leek, which blossoms a flower, and MOUNTAIN WASABI, which overwintered, greatly widens leafs over its neighbor. Everybody lives together without scrambling for sunshine.

I was able to see good things. Thank you.

I gradually sweated as I walked.

It has become a comfortable season to sweat.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly translated by: taro. (Thanks a lot! )

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