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A Challenge

Thank you to everyone who came to our LIVE Show some days ago!

When I recall, how at the first Script reading, I could not say the words too well, "This is ugly!” I thought;

"Pretty Bad" was the situation

.There was a scene in the Play, which required to raise the voice greatly, but there was no place to practice it privately, so I parked my car at the River Bank, closed the Window and practiced. I was able to get a lot of instruction and Acting coaching from Genki-San, Aki-San and Ucchy San, and also a great back-up from Joony, Tomizo and our female Co-Actors, so I was able to approach the Performance.

Until now, the WORLD ORDER Dance Performance had turned me into a Robot, Expressionless and showing no Emotions in our Face, but in the Play we were allowed to experience this time, it was the opposite.

The Theme was to put emotions at the front and be natural. Although these are 2 contradictory aspects, by experiencing the two in terms of Dance Performance, I feel I could see what was visible from only one direction, in a different perspective.

And this time in Aki 's production, although our faces were expressionless, we could put emotions into our Dance Performance, according to the Story. When I think about it, I think this LIVE Show was a challenge not only because of the Theatrical Play but also for the Dance Performance


This Photo shows the employee ID card used on Stage. ‘Suzuki Construction, Sales Division 3’… There might even be a fishing rod in my bag (LOL). Aki-San not only directed, but prepared the Production even until these kind of Props, all by himself.

To everyone who came, Aki-San in the first place, all the cast members and everyone involved, Thank you very much. ^ _ ^


Yusuke Morisawa

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