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Nagaoka and Morning Glory

The "NAGAOKA ROOTS 400th anniversary ceremony" Event, on May 27th is coming soon. Finally!

I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, the season of the morning glory has come this year.

I'm excited the morning glories will blossom in various places this year because I collected a lot of seeds and distributed them to numbers of people. And does the flower of the smile blossom, either?

Seeds to be connected and smiles to be connected……('ω `)

And I put the seedling of ANREDERA CORDIFOLIA this year. It is the plant which has a very strong vitality. When it is grown up, I can eat its leaves. It belongs to BASELLACEAE so if you imagine the texture of BASELLA ALBA, you can understand it. I found it a year ago or so and loved the taste so I'm looking forward to it.

Corianders bloom in my field.

The vine, which climbs all over, which I said last week it was a KUJO LEEK, was a wild morning glory.

When I saw it, the power of the whole body standing out, was a very beautiful scene.

The book I read this week was "i" which is written by KANAKO NISHI.

I read various kinds of books. I like reading for study but reading good novels is the happiest time for me.

It was a good work. In fact, NISHI-san is one of my favorite authors.

By the way, Shigetada Kishii, who was my favorite journalist, passed away last week. I surely know only a part of him. But I liked his attitude as a journalist very much and his talk on TV.

I will hold on this thought well not to forget and part with it even if time passes.


Hayato Uchiyama

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