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Takashi Jonishi leaves WORLD ORDER

Dear All

Again, Sad News for WORLD ORDER FANS

Joony San has announced today onTwitter, his departure from WORLD ORDER 😢😢

"I, Takashi Jonishi, will be retiring from WORLD ORDER today

and go into a new world of performing.

WO Members and I , promised to perform together somewhere

at the top of the world, someday in the future

The happy and memories shared with the Member, are my treasure.

Please, give your unchanging support to WO from now on as well.

WORLD ORDER are great.

I'll keep up trying my best".

(Original Tweet: HERE)

Genki San has given the following Statement:

"Takashi Jonishi is leaving WORLD ORDER.

All members cheer him and decided to send him out in his new dream.

We will continue to work in cooperation with each other,

so we hope you will support us in the future."

(Origina Tweet, HERE):

Dear Joony San:

Thank you very much, for being such a powerful force to WORLD ORDER.

We will dearly miss you as part of the Group,

but we will always love you

and we will continue to support you, in your new Dream.


Ani J

(Website Admin.)

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