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Let's walk together

We could accomplish safely the performance in my hometown, which had been my dream!

Thank you so much!!

Since the venue was in my hometown, all people who knew me from old days, let alone those who knew me before I entered WORLD ORDER, came to watch us. Not to mention my family members, my aunt and uncle, all the cousins and relatives, the classmates of the high school, even the parents of childhood friends who know me since I went to the nursery school…it was deeply moving.

I'm so thankful to the sponsor for giving WORLD ORDER the offer.

Those fans who came all the way down to my hometown, thank you so much! I Hope you enjoyed Nagaoka

After the event, I went to the Sake Bar next to Aore Nagaoka (the event venue) to drink with my elder brother.舞美人Maibijin (a kind of Japanese Sake) tastes so good! The very strong sour flavor it has, is addictive.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I spent very good time at my parents' house, although other members went back right after the event.

And I am sorry to make you confused with the sudden announcement. Joony graduated from WORLD ORDER. Not only his energetic performances, he also handles various things including sound editing and video shooting. Each one of those abilities has been realized by his constant challenge, I think. Therefore, his new challenge should also impress, and satisfy you. Please look forward to that day and give him your support from now on.

Although it'll be also a challenge for WORLD ORDER, we'll unite further. Joining forces, we'd like to walk together with those who have been supporting us. Please be with us from now on.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly translated by: M. Takao. (Thanks a lot! )

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