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An important performance

Good Morning in many, many languages

Thank you HONG KONG! Good Morning!

(TN: The 'Monday Riddle' at this part, was for us impossible to translate,

so it has been skipped. Sorry! )

This week, the high temperature days continued.

It was a hot week


(141st day of 2018)

This morning, it is cool, the sunshine is hot but It’s still a pleasant Morning, I could see Mt. Fuji This morning, while paying attention to flat tires,

I rode again on my Bike about 30 km in the surroundings, At the end, I rode to the other side of Haneda Airport, How many times did I step on the pedals on the way? I got tired but couldn’t stop at all.

Riding through the neighbourhood, I passed by a Peace Symbol hanging at a Torii near Haneda, I saw many planes and felt the wind a lot,

then,I hung over the PC and forgot the time again.

On the way back, I met a Gigi-Black Cat, t was facing the other way when I was approaching, as I turned to drive away, it faced my way,

such a cutie… golden-eyed Gigi…

I’d like to see you again...

Cheerful and pleasant start of the Monday

Everyone, this week as well, Fight!!!


(142nd day of 2018)

This morning is getting hot too.

In the scorching sunlight, riding to a destination a bit further than yesterday...

After around 30 km, I took a break on a bench. While listening to music some things came up in my head Writing them down... My back is hot… even if I tried not to get burned by wearing long sleeves and cap, I still got roasted; on the way I bumped many times into a huge insect…

what was it? Frankly, it was scary, but I didn’t stop.

When I got back home, looking at the back of my hand, it’s dark, only the part where the watch is, remained white.. (LOL)


(143rd day of 2018)

Cloudy Wednesday, to the rehearsal of the Niigata Show.

The forecast predicts rain this afternoon, It should rain until the evening, it seems… and, as they say, the moment I left, it started to rain, it’s always like this… LOL

Don’t loose to the Rain, Fight!


(144th day of 2018)

Today, there was a huge grasshopper in front of the entrance…

I wonder why it is in such a place…

It does not move or leap at all, on the 2nd. Floor’s concrete, I wonder if birds brought it here… Beautiful yellow green, what are you doing there, motionless? A splendid grasshopper Today, summer coloured clouds, summer coloured sky, hot...

I've been listening to many songs in the past few days... I don't usually listen to songs, however… My mind and Heart are slowly scorching

Old, but Young until death.

Last LIVE Show...

It was my first time to write a script, I don't know how other people write, but me, I cried while writing many parts.

Until the production was over,

I didn’t say anything I should not,

I couldn’t say what I wanted to say.

There are things we did so, since we had no choice for complicated reasons. We always try our best in the given conditions, that’s all we can do.

But some people have been saying whatever they want, without knowing anything.

Making fun of people who are giving their best, is rubbish.

What life have you been living?

Leave them alone, mind your own business.

Who do you think you are? You just get what you deserve. That’s why we all do our best in every moment, not for bloody now, but for bloody tomorrow, you idiot.


(145th day of 2018)

Today it should get hot, according to the forecast, the 1st time in the season. This morning, the wind is also strong along the river. On the way, riding with the tailwind felt good, but on the way back the front wind was like a Fan, felt like not moving forward at all…

After going back, did my Laundry, took a Shower, Worked in the PC then, to the office… It’s a pleasant, cheerful Friday, despite the temperatures,

But, they make me sweat…



(146th day of 2018)

Today it’s Athletic meeting day,

Miu and Ryosuke are also having something like it.

Me, I’m “charging” the body, in preparation for tomorrow…

A long time ago, I choreographed on Stage a Rock’n Roll from “Shinseikamattechan”,

I liked it so much that I didn’t stop playing it (they were neighbours at a festival in Nagasaki)

I was trying to use their songs for the Stage, last time.

That Song became the Theme Song of a Movie, it was covered by Suzuki Emiko San, and I could listen to it, at the release Show in Kawasaki, for free.

The director came… “what are you doing? Go!”

I Went, and listened to 4 songs.

I also listened to the Director’s talk. I listen to this and…

For the first time, feelings appeared,

I was deeply moved by the honest singing skills, it gave me power.

Tomorrow, we have an important performance in Niigata.

Let’s live!!


(147th day of 2018)

This Sunday morning, it’s again Sunny and hot.

Going to Niigata, to an important performance... In a lovely space, with the best friends, an important Show… Hot time, Thank you very much.

Barely had time to experience Niigata’s Outdoor spaces

It was a flash day trip. And…

As he already reported you on his own SNS , Today, Joony retires from WORLD ORDER.

I think, until reaching this point, there were various change of feelings within Joony’s heart.

Of course, I think there was a change of mind in the same way for my old colleagues. Personally, I think our fellows who have left WORLD ORDER, are also friends, And I support them from the shadows.

I support Joony’s decision of pursuing his own way .And, I’d like to arrange an opportunity that we can meet Joony again somehow, and also there might be the case that we’d ask for his help.

He’s an important partner from now on.

Everyone, please Cheer Joony with a smile.

To write everything down and read it again like this

makes me feel a little bit awkward though…

Please see him off, with a “See ya!!

Everybody, thank you for your work this week.

This new week too,

May it be steady and calm

and the days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

blow always, softly

into the hearts

It’s Okay. It’s Okay

Let’s live. !!(゜へ゜●\)”

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Forever all over the world ...】

To the new week,

feeling the Wind,

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Text Revised by M. Takao (Thanks a lot!)

Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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