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Good Morning in many, many languages

Good Morning!

First of all.

About the Thursday’s Entry in my last Diary

Honestly, why suddenly such a sentence…?

I think it’s regrettable I got angry,

but I thought it was natural to feel like that.

I just wrote down my feelings in that moment, as they were, without pondering.

To all who supported me, I'm sorry I made you feel uncomfortable.

That “Idiot”, was shocking, I think. I’m Sorry.

Personally, other than mail order, honestly, I don’t have or follow any kind of SNS (Social Media).

From what I hear from other people... frankly, I often don't understand...

I would have not felt that way, if someone had told things like that to me…

Even if anyone says anything about myself, it would be completely OK, no matter what you say

I wouldn’t mind at all;

But to hear things against colleagues or friends,

makes me actually extremely upset.

While searching for something, by chance,

a cruel text caught my eye.

I think it came from a certain person.

To be honest, to remember the feelings of that moment,

I need to concentrate for a while, as there were many;