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Crops and Bells

I cropped some Rapesseds (BRASSICA NAPUS). So many!

It means I couldn't crop enough last time...

When I cropped them, every time I touched the shells, which the seeds were in, they made a pretty sound, "KARA KARA (rattle-rattle)".

Recently, When I go out, I take Bell made of wood named "MOKURIN". "da-rum, da-rum".

The name, seems to belong to the same temple as Ikkyu-san.


He Absolutely, seems to be there...

I read a book by SHIN-ICHI TSUJI this week.

That reminds me, the EU seem to have begun moving for reduction of disposable plastics.

I want this movement to spread out worldwide because the plastic has been a severe problem as marine garbage.


Hayato Uchiyama

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