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Tea and Energy

I submitted a public comment about energy policy.

A person said, "When I think about peace, it all comes to energy." I hope, the natural environments that have been inherited for a long time, and the future, will to be able to connect properly, in peace. The judgment of us who live now is important. No matter happens, it will be joint liability.

What kind of future shall I choose?

We took our Promo pictures in Roppongi last Friday. It was in the afternoon, so I got slightly early, and could enjoy drinking some Tea in a Shop after a long time.

I used to be a Tea lover who liked green tea, but I haven't drunk tea at all recently, and I have fallen in love with White Tea, Chinese alpine tea, Taiwanese Oolong tea, Herbal tea and Japanese herbal tea. On that day, I drunk Assam tea, which uses slightly luxurious tea leaves, and I liked it after all.

I think it is the best taste, which I enjoy with all the five senses. And it's a delight for me, to drink tea and stop the busy routine time, and enjoy the time when it stops.

Everybody, why don't you have some tea?

The other day, I thought about 'Mighty Leaf', so I bought a trial pack, of which I had chose as my favorite tea.

It is good, because it looks good without excessive packing.

By the way, this is what all the Members said was delicious in the WORLD ORDER Weekly : 'KAKI-NO-TANE' of HOSHIROKU.

There were three flavours - Soy sauce, Plain and Salad - and my mother prepared a 'three-flavour set' for all Members.

I was wondering at the 'Salad' flavoured rice cracker, "what kind of taste is that?!" But curiously, when I tried it, I was strangely persuaded, like "Yes! it's salad-taste!

I've sometimes seen those 'KAKI-NO-TANE' at a natural-food store in Tokyo, at the 'NESPACE"' the Niigata antenna Shop in Omotesando... I reckon. Was it? Well, I'm not completely sure and would not bet on it, but please do take a look there. The Monthly Niigata Komachi also seems to be available at N'ESPACE.

This week's Book, was one by Emiko Inagaki-san.

I could feel her happy life through her book.

I can't carry a big baggage for the course of my long life.


Hayato Uchiyama

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