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Daily Soccer !

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle!]

※[It is bigger than a whale and smaller than Medaka, which Animal is it?]


(162nd day of 2018)

A rainy Monday, since the morning, the weak rain didn’t stop all day long, the typhoon seems to have passed sideways.

The bicycle was also stored away.


(163rd day of 2018)

Tuesday of unstable weather, and high temperatures;

It gets cloudy, it clears up;

Off to rehearsal, passing the script to everyone today.

I was nervous at the premiere, but I got tense all over again at this moment.


(164th day of 2018)

Today, the heavy clouded sky clears up, it seems it will get hot in the evening…

Today, I delivered the Script to the school… again tense.

This morning, on an Italian TV Show, they were visiting Gemma San, a Grandma who lives all alone on a hilltop... It was extremely cute...


(165th day of 2018)

Finally, the Opening of the WORLD CUP...

I fell asleep watching the opening ceremony and the game, but it was a sunny Thursday;

Early morning, I rolled a bit around on my Bicycle;

Because I can’t roll during the rainy season, I was stepping on the pedals twice today;

My legs went stiff…


(166th day of 2018)

Today, it’s a Friday of light rain, temperatures sank, and it is chilly…

it was such a day.

Today, I saw Littbarski again after a long time.

I used to emulate Litti’s dribble feint…Tonight, it's biting Suarez’s Uruguay, VS top Scorer’s Salah’s Egypt.

Egypt played at a reallyy high Level.

The World Cup’s Soccer has been truly interesting and enjoyable!


(167th day of 2018)

This morning, I recorded Portugal VS Spain.

The Moment of the Card, was thrilling, like on a Finals Match…

Only famous players…

Today, the temperatures sank suddenly and it became a freezing cold Saturday.

Tonight and tomorrow again Soccer, I’m happy to watch amazing Soccer everyday…


(168th day of 2018)

Today, it’s also 18°C chilly around here.

Went out wearing long sleeves after a while…

Great Matches from every country in the WORLD CUP, Hoping Japan will also play an interesting game...

Next week too, Fight!

※[Riddle Hint]: There’s no such animal!

Everyone, Thank you for your work this week.

A new week, with the Opening of the WORLD CUP

Even if not calm,

may the week's days and hours,

be spent in warm and gentle feelings.

May a gentle wind,

blow softly into the hearts.

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s live.

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Forever all over the world ...】

※[Answer]: Dolphin - イルカ --> (そんなのいるか! = Is there such a thing?!)

"Is there…?" = いるか = I-ru-ka

"Dolphin" = イルカ = I-ru-ka

(Both words sound the same)

It’s a meany Riddle…

To the new week,

don’t loose to the rain, in warm feelings…

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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