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A special Plant

The rainy season has begun so it has continued to rain.

When I saw at the porch one morning, even an insect took shelter.

The morning glory at home has grown slowly but the ANREDERA CORDIFOLIA has grown so fast.

And the HAIRY VETCH (VICIA VILLOSA), which looks very similar to VICIA SATIVA, has grown well.

They are in the same planter as the morning glory, so they could absorb nutrition which the morning glory needs. I don't want someone to monopolize it, but them to share it with everyone and grow.

I read a book about cannabis the other day.

I had misunderstood medical cannabis, until I read this book.

I want, the day medical cannabis is recognized legally, comes as soon as possible for people who need it.

Before WW2, it had been grown as normal in Japan, and used for SHIMENAWA and clothes, so there had been it into a life.

I also wear some T-shirts and pants, which are made from cannabis,regularly, as I do organic cotton.

Those are my favorites because they are comfortable.

It has been attracting attention as food recently because its nutritional value is high, and has a good balance. Originally, it is a strong plant, which grows without a pesticide and artificial manure, so it has a lot of possibilities if it is used with right recognition.

People of ancient times seemed to know it and use it well.


Hayato Uchiyama

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