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Flowers, Sake and thoughts...

The Carrot's flowers have a unique prettiness.

It's a KURODA-GOSUN Carrot.

The carrots, thinned out, with olive oil and salt

The horseradish, which I planted a bit after the last harvest, has been growing up well. Great vitality.

The Tagetes, which had grown from a seed I dropped, seems to be swallowed by the carrot.

The Asteraceae gives a fragrance, that is hated by the small Butterflies which lay eggs on the Cabbage Flower leaves, so it is a good as companion planting, but I don't think the horseradish need it.

And a lot of garlic have been produced this year, and I have been eating them almost everyday, so I could smell like a garlic. Be careful.

I drunk DAMUMA-MASAMUNE after a long time. I have ever drunk some of them and I love JUNMAISHU (sake made without added alcohol or sugar). And realize, I really love the acidity of Japanese Sake.

I read a book by Tatsuru Uchida. It was a good one which said an important thing: The Human being is not a tool for running economy, but economy is for the Human being.

The Human being should be in center of it. That left an impression on me.

The monthly Niigata Komachi has been published this month!

I write a column to focus on each member, since last Month on. It started with Aki-san, and it is Yusuke this month.

I'm glad if you enjoy it.


Hayato Uchiyama

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