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WORLD CUP, Rehearsals and Flu

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle! ]

※ Problem: [A Turtle, a Camel, and a Rhino are shopping

What do you think they’ll buy?]


(176th day of 2018)

I was impressed with last night's Panama vs England game.

Panama, who was down 0 to 5 in the first half, returned to make One Goal on the second half,

The cheering supporters were delighted, cheering with all their might. It was lovely.

For the Japan game, I fell asleep, but… Tied (゜δ゜●;)” Oooh!

The Sun’s glaring this morning;

Since 7 am, I’m dripping sweaty on the Bike… but sometimes while rolling on the cycling course, I felt a wind cold like an aircon... what the…?

A whale seems to have appeared in the sea, around Haneda,

I wonder if she would show her face suddenly…

As I thought, it was a sunny, 32°C hot beginning of a Monday.


(177th day of 2018)

Today, it’s again a glaring sunny, hot Tuesday; The rainy season doesn’t seem to have quite started yet…

And the Soccer WORLD CUP rises in excitement as it moves on.

Argentina did it, Congratulations on barely passing the group stage!

Because it has been sunny, the moon at night has been beautiful recently.


(178th day of 2018)

Today as well, a glaring sunny, hot Wednesday.

Today, a preeliminary look at the LIVE Show’s Venue, the ‘Alternative Theater’, with the Theater’s Staff; Inspection from every position: Left, Right, Middle, also checking the visibility from the rear seats.

Although it won’t be used this time,

it has an amazing LED on the ceiling. What an exciting Venue it is.


(179th day of 2018)

Today it is sunny as well, Atchoo!…

Off to rehearsal, Go !!

Don’t give in to the Heat, Fight! Atchoo!…

Today is Japan’s Team game,

I wonder if I can get up…


(180th day of 2018)

Ah, it looks like the rainy season has come. An early rainy season, it seems.

I went to bed last night, but as it appears, Japan’s Team advanced to the next Tournament round.