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WORLD CUP, Heat, Rain & Fever!

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle ]

※ TN: This time we were not able to Translate the Riddle... Sorry!


(183rd day of 2018)

The heat of the Sun scorching steadily; Just waiting for the Bus under the hot sunshine makes my back drench with sweat…

So,starting the practice for the play from today on. The dance was also changed a little bit.

It's certainly not only replay; both the dance and the play are powering up, so please come take a look!

Despite being a hot day, I wish you a warm week, everyone…


(184th day of 2018)

Today as well, sunny since the morning, but the wind makes it a pleasant Tuesday;

From the morning on, rolling on my bicycle. At the turnaround point, while drinking, a Guy riding a very cool Bike, was going Fast! Whoo…

The guy was unreasonably fast.

And today, Mt. Fuji was not covered with snow. It looked beautiful.

Yes! Sweating, Departure for Practice, Fight!

Today I asked one of the School lecturers and Professors, to do a special lesson that will be useful.

It became a learning time for Members and Actors. Thank you, Professor!

The Japan Team was amazing…

A pity, but it was a wonderful step.


(185th day of 2018)

morning of waking up with...

an inexplainable high fever???

I went lie down sweating but… was that it? Nothing is aching though……Well, today is a Set Menu, then carrying Props to the rehearsal Hall; Little by little, things gather together and fall into shape.

The weather should be awful, from today on, however, don’t lose to the rain… Fight!


(186th day of 2018)

Clouded sky Thursday