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Hot Tea Time!

The dust in the room is collected before I notice.

The dust in the heart is harder to notice.

I wiped it again with appreciation.

By the way, a summer day goes on well on both, the calendar and body sensation.

The best way to survive the summer heat, is to accept it.

So I drink hot tea even in the summer.

Another reason to do it, is that I can enjoy more fragrance with hotter tea.

Here is this time's.

This is BARLEY TEA using Barley made in Miyazaki, from natural cultivation.

I think Barley Tea is delicious either hot, normal or cold.

This Barley Tea came straight to my body without astringency or unfavorable taste. It is delicous with a slightly sweet taste. It is totally different from general Barley Tea so I could fall in love with it.

It's cute with the color of light pink.

The used Tea is also edible, so I enjoyed eating it, putting it in miso soup, and eating it with ginger-flavored miso poured over rice.

I could be tired by heat and sunlight in summer but all creatures are full of energy so it's good to rely on them without doing your best by yourself only.


Hayato Uchiyama

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Kindly translated by: taro. (Thanks a lot! )

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