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Heat and stiff legs...

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

[Monday Riddle!]

※ Problem: [ A truck with Apples, Watermelons and Bananas, drops something when it turns at the curve. What is it?


(190th day of 2018)

From a gray cloud, in a clear interval, thunder roaring, busy sky since the morning; Before training, moving my Body on the Bike, going back...

Only, in the end, departed looking to the sky, the wind felt nice but, as I moved forward, there was a big puddle; the ground had been frozen until a while ago, now while raining,

it was hot… All right, sweaty departure to Rehearsal.

This week too: Fight!


(191st day of 2018)

Hot… melting…

this morning as well, Bike…

I applied Sunscreen on my Face when going out, but I’m dripping sweaty, my eyes hurt… I wonder if wearing a face mask would help…

Actually, someone in such attire passed me by…

Scorching Wednesday (sic), All right, departure for Rehearsal!!

It’s the Semi-final tonight, Belgium vs France. Which one will advance to the finals, I wonder...


(192nd day of 2018)

France has advanced to the final;

This time France is tough

This morning, with legs like sticks, departure to my early morning cycling.

Today as well, drenched in sweat, stiff legs. My legs don’t move, but my brain is not aware of the legs, it keeps stepping on the pedals, and my legs grow carelessly hard.

"What on earth are you doing ..." (LOL)

Mindless and empty headed, Departure for Practice. GO

My legs don’t move…


(193th day of 2018)

Hot… Today as well, a hot Thursday

Today I came across some delicious Potatoes!!

And meat-ginger Roll, good for the summer!

And this ‘Papico’... it’s tasty!

I just discovered it,

Please try to buy it!


(194th day of 2018)

Flaming, scorching hot Friday…

The fatigue in my legs doesn’t fade at all, I chill with an ice-cold Pack…However, today, from the rehearsal hall, we could all see the beautiful sunset sky… everybody was making Pictures…

When I was 18, I also experienced such Sunsets after school,

Dear Memories.

Invariant Sunsets, the feeling while watching the sunset as years pile up,

And, as we were students of 18, 19, 20, full of dreams…

at that day, at that hour, I wonder what we might have felt…

So then, please listen to ‘Spitz’s "Robinson"!

A story seems to unfold...


(195th day of 2018)

Hot… Today too, it’s scorching hot in Kanto…

At night, the sound of the fireworks was shaking the night sky.

The Guitar on my last week’s Diary,

Is a guitar from the time before Tesco… Someone was wondering if I used to play when I was younger…Curious… when I was in Highschool, playing guitar was my hobby.

I used to play The Beatles…

But in Public, my hands would shake and I could never play (LOL).

Today, the sunset was also beautiful. Today, the 3rd place game: Belgium VS England.

Congratulations for the 3rd Place Belgium!

Hazard, I feel he was better than anyone of any countryin this tournament... Awesome.

Oh, and also France’s Griezmann

Tomorrow will be the final... It’ll be over... Sad...

I hope to watch it again in 4 years...


(196th day of 2018)

Hot… again, a scorching hot day

And again, I went cycling early in the Morning.

Even though it's early morning, there are lots of people, as expected on a Sunday

This week 3 × 30 + 40 = 130 km...

Keeping up the Fitness towards the LIVE Shows.

My legs are stiff like canes, but it became a nice week…

I’ll stand firmer than usual on “Blue Boundary”! Alright,

Next week too, fight!

I wonder who will win the WORLD CUP… Lonely…

※[Riddle Hint]: You always drop it in the Curve!

Thank you for your work this week.

This week too, may it be a calm one,

and the days and hours,

be spent in warm and gentle feelings

May a gentle wind

blow always, softly

Into the hearts

It’s OK. It’s OK.

Let’s live.

【May a gentle wind blow…

to the rain and landslide affected areas…

and throughout the world…】

※[Riddle Answer]: The Speed

(I see…)

To the new week

Beware of the scorching sunshine

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Diary translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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