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Love is all around us

The Daruma doll wind-chime is busy at the window side this year. I enjoy the summer time by that.

And the "Morning Glories" have bloomed.

I did top pinching this year for side bud appearing. So they have grown laterally but hardly grown tall.

I've watched unhurried growth and felt "to wait for that time". And the "time" came. I'm looking forward to seeing that they will grow up from now on and the green of the leaf and the white of the morning glories will make a green and white curtain.

The white "Morning glory" shines in the blue sky.

I like today's morning glory because it seems to merge with the white in the clouds and it seems like emitting light. The line of the back of the petal is beautiful, too. It even looks good, that some petals are missing.

By the way, I've been thinking about love recently. A 37-year-old man thinks about love…very weird! But it's OK. To start with, I couldn't look good even if I tried to. Surely there are various shapes of love. I think the inherited seeds of morning glory and the seeds of the native species, which have been protected by someone's hands, are shapes of love too. And I think spending my time for someone, or something else, is love too. Not only vegetables, which are taken good care of, and tools, which are made carefully, but even some small materials... If I think that way, there is full of love around me. And now, I practice the lessons of the Play and Rehearsal for the LIVE Show Re-play. I won't repeat or play the show as I did last time. First, I de-construct my playing

and then reconsider it piece by piece. I'm struggling, but I can see something new thanks to co-stars and friends. I don't know if I can express it superficially, but the thing drifting inside of me is totally different from last time. It was black, because once I was not able to see anything, but I will pile up the time to the show carefully, like the word, "faintest hope", I twist the thin thread I finally found, and from a string, from a thread

it becomes a strong rope.

I will send everyone the LIVE show with Love.

Do you put off because I talked too hot? Don't you really feel bad? (LOL) Monthly Niigata Komachi has been published this month! I wrote about Joony this month. I'm glad if you enjoy it.


Hayato Uchiyama

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